Physician & Nurse leaders Burn out

Please answer the following question?
How did you get to your leadership position?
High percentage of Physicians start in a full clinical position and over time migrate part time clinical and leadership position. Such as they might be 75% clinical and 25% medical director. Unfortunately, over time many physicians assume more leadership role as they start feeling overwhelmed or burned out from seeing patients, because it doesn’t involve seeing patients.

Burn-out is a tried and true path. You may take a leadership position with new skills and duties that are unfamiliar to you, hoping to escape the burnout affect of dealing with patients daily.

Do you have the tools to achieve physician leadership while avoiding burn-out?

Every physician must learn to adopt new leadership strategies as well as personal burnout strategies.

If you wish to be a successful balanced leader in life, appropriate training and coaching need to be your choice. Being the best performer who achieves the life’s goals is the dream of every individual. One needs to be a 100% dedicated to achieving success in life. Adding a topping to your dedication is the physician coaching programme, we offer. This fantastic life changing training has the power to change your life, your organization and help you advance your career prospects.

If you wish to have higher peace of mind and be able to balance the complete work and family time, this one is for you. Performance without the optimized dedication and streamlined flow isn’t fulfilling. To make your performance even higher, we offer this astounding training programme for complete success. Our grounded and highly practical methodologies are based on the functional concepts of life, and thus, we articulate the different issues of life in the most fulfilling ways. Our training programme is targeted to nurture the skills and motivate the individuals towards unmatched performance.

My physician leadership coaching offers a highly dynamic practical tool towards improved work practices and techniques towards building a learning culture and 100% success achievement. Being a prime coaching and training organization, I will mentor and educate the professionals towards a life-changing learning cycle. My goal is to make you a positive role model to the people you are leading.

Nursing Leadership Consulting/Coaching

Now that you became head of the department, do you have the skills for effective management or learn as you go along?

As a rule of thumb, nurses often straggle with the idea of reaching out and seeking help. We will make your transition smooth and transformational while eliminating fear. Nursing leadership professionals must be able to develop a successful vision aligned with the organization and nurture collaborative relationships among interdepartmental staff and management. Skill sets such as, effective communication, managing staff, generating reports, budgeting and financial planning can be overwhelming on any professional. We will introduce concepts that are immediately actionable and link to specific goals and objectives in identified development areas. You can become a pivotal player on the leadership team by taking part in shaping your organization or hospital. My goal is to make you a great, effective nurse manager whom thrives on making a difference.

Here is a one simple stress elimination step you can take in your office which will change the way you practice and its literally one click away

One simple stress eliminator

Technology change the way we practice especially in the field of health care. While many of us enjoyed the positive aspects of technology the negative impact also became unavoidable. When I consult private practices or centres, I am always amazed about the amount of time and energy on EMR and other documentation tasks that completely hinder the ability to provide quality patient care. Although these tasks do not add anything to patient care, but it must be done. Other clinicians as well as staff also log in and out repeatedly throughout the day to get this work done. Have you ever wondered the amount of time wasted logging in and out of your computer each time you need to do an input? Just to log in to your computer the series of key strokes you must perform to get in to your computer and yes, some days hundreds of times. How about forgetting passwords and reaching out to tech support and making the applicable changes. What a waste of time and unnecessary stress.

One of the changes I immediately suggest is the implementation of RFID “Tap and Go login. Even though this technology has been around, but many facilities have failed to adopt

This inexpensive tool and a name badge on a retractable lanyard and you tap and ready to go. You will never login again