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Executive Emotional Consulting/Coaching™ by Simon Casey, Ph.D

Designed for the Health Care World.

The health care and behavioral healthcare world has some similarities to other fields, but there are critical, fundamental differences that must be respected. However, most executive coaching programs completely fail to embrace the unique dynamics, details and nuances that health care executives “live Intelligent Executive Emotional Coaching™ is a patented, verifiable and results-based approach that dramatically improves the productivity, performance and peace-of-mind of today's health care executives. Built on the principles of self-management and conscious self-awareness,

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Did you know that successful healthcare organizations develop short- and long-term growth through the constant evaluation of future-focused operational and financial goals!.


Physician & Nurse leaders Burn out

02 May

High percentage of Physicians start in a full clinical position and over time migrate part time clinical and leadership position.

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When Leaders Grow Organizations Grow

02 May

Organizations are a reflection of their leaders. Leader in any field are primarily interested in growing their businesses, whether these are organizations.

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Transformational Cultures

02 May

What are Kraft Heinz Company, Dillard’s, Radio Shack, Xerox and Sears have in common? They are for the fifth consecutive year; 24/7 Wall St.

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Chief Emotional Officers

Intelligent Leadership In 60 Minutes

Chief Emotional Officers is written for talented, curious professionals across all organizations and operations. It is based on the 4 core principles of emotionally intelligent leadership, Dr. Casey’s ground breaking methodology built upon proven business principles that provides the techniques of true leadership and influence. Experience the natural and rewarding process of great leadership, confidence and self fulfilment as you work through your purpose.

“Every Health care Leader at every level

Needs to read this book”

Dr. Mark Wagner MD

President, OC Comprehensive Care"