Treatment Center Executives & Private practice Consultation

Stop struggling with retention, employee turnover, and patient /client dissatisfaction. These are some of the symptoms of a treatment center or practice that hinder growth. Here is the painful fact;

“The leadership of the center will determine the size of the organization.”

Would you like to find out whether you or your Director are properly equipped to lead and how to establish momentum-based growth for your organization to beat the competition?

Here are some of the benefits;

  • You or your director will learn NOT to lead from a position.
  • You will understand the power of modeling to the staff
  • You will effectively establish cohesive center staff
  • How to recruit effectively
  • Improve center or practice production
  • You will learn how to create momentum for growth

Here are some of the benefits of having fresh pair of eyes looking into your leadership abilities and your culture will;

  • Retain qualified and effective staff from leaving
  • Increase revenue
  • Patient /Client satisfaction
  • Workplace dissatisfaction
  • Cohesive and passionate staff
  • Limiting legal exposure

Emotional Mastery LLC rooted in behavioral healthcare and substance use that specializes in evaluations, consultations, adult life coaching, referrals, retention, employee turnover and patient/client dissatisfaction. Dr. Simon Casey is a qualified and licensed healthcare provider and life coach waiting to guide you and help you get through your current situation no matter how severe. Dr. Simon Casey has the skill and expertise to transform lives.

Why Dr. Simon Casey? Dear colleague, I have been in the field of behavioral health and health care for over 20 years. Been in the tranches, and truly understand what you are going through. Over the years, I worked for several organizations, I opened many inpatient and outpatient treatment centers, consulted many small and big organizations successfully.

I am your “Dr. solution.” The work I provide is guaranteed to make an immediate impact within your organization or private practice; it will be embraced by your staff while producing verifiable results.

My Unique advantage

Dr. Simon Casey works with couples, individuals, group as well as small business entrepreneurs based on the philosophy that we need one another to develop and grow as human beings. Dr. Simon Casey has a totally unique approach to life coaching that is based on his innate concern for others. He’s always transparent, curious and very supportive to ensure each client fulfills his or her goals. And with 20 years of experience as a life coach, you shouldn’t expect less.

Dr. Simon Casey has succeeded in providing counseling to hundreds of people with all kinds of challenges in many areas of their lives. He frequently discusses mental health issues to both large and small audiences as an expert on health matters.

Dr. Simon Casey upholds quality assurance with the credentialing process that ensures all client is at the top of their issues after their encounter with him.

Whether you need consultation, counseling, evaluation, referral or a life coach for whatever reasons, Dr. Simon Casey is the man you need to meet! Excellent service has been the goal right from day one, and after 20 years of total customer satisfaction and excellent service, we can boldly say we are the best in what we do!

Contact us today to book an appointment via phone or via the contact us page here. Together we can change the world!