Emotional Intelligence is considered to be twice as significant as compared to the Intelligence Quotient. It has often been considered as the most predicting and highly remarkable tool for measuring an employee’s performance. In fact, some research programs have shown that the top 36% of leaders with high performing tendencies have the highest emotional intelligence (EQ). This is why the need for a well developed EI is critical.

Emotional Intelligence plays 36% of the role in the leadership success. The Executive Emotional Coaching program has been specially designed for the individual executives, leadership teams, and coaches who are planning to improve their leadership skills so they can work effectively with in the large organization or office. We begin by building your foundation of emotional intelligence.

With Dr. Simon Casey, Ph.D. Executive Emotional Coaching you will get the knowledge, experience, and skills you need to succeed and get rid of the feeling of overwhelmed. Most of the people think that behavioral health and healthcare are similar but there are many fundamental differences in the field that you have to learn. Offering such a high performance-oriented EQ. leadership development program, we are the most committed consulting firm providing world-class, growth and development oriented training for healthy organizations. Supporting the organizations with the finest pieces of training for human resource and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) based Leadership and Team Development, we offer the most creative training sessions for all.

Emotional Intelligence has immense power to conquer the world and create the most promising leadership based performed and development. It empowers the skills to be a leader and manage the appropriate work activity and people on a daily basis. It also helps in efficiently helping others in the process of learning development and several other works at a higher level. Our training workshop offers a wide-range of EQ assessment tools and services for appropriate EI leadership development.

We create leaders with higher EQ such that they have the self-awareness to understand their emotional triggers and respond to different challenging situations and people. We include the different complementary strengths, education, talents, and experience of individuals along with our EQ leadership development program for higher prospects.

I offer eye opening EQ assessment for those leaders whom want to make a difference while avoiding negative consequences of their leadership style.