Do you wish to make the most impressive remark on your relative audiences?

Dr. Simon Casey speaks to inspire, inform and bring lasting impact to large-scale audiences. Whether it’s a public dealing or a simple workshop at a relaxed setting, he is ready for all. Inculcating positivity, along with 100% confidence-laid appearance in public, I am a pro at delivering the most people focused, well-polished communication for leaving the attendees astonished, at the end.

He speaks to make a difference!

Over the years, he had the pleasure of speaking at professional symposiums, to large and small organizations, and to small private audiences. I offer services on platforms, such as:

  • Symposiums
  • Chamber of Combers
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Corporations
  • Enterprises

Highlights of His Speaking Engagement Programme

  • Well enriched with speaking mentors across different countries
  • Keynotes speaking and presentations on stress and burnout, how to lead with intention, dysfunctional CEO, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, high functioning cultures.
  • Offering flexible fee schedule based on the service schedules
  • Best suitable for all types of conferences, lunch, or any other group event
  • How to deal with negative employees and toxic work environment.
  • Female CEOs, work place leadership.
  • Socially and emotionally contented speech with a timeline-based presentation, as per your need
  • Offering academic and professional speaking engagement training

Get in touch with Dr. Simon Casey for a high-level language command and appearance-oriented professional speaking engagement services.