Free Analysis of Executive Stress Test.   So important to have allies who will give you best quality and peace of mind. That’s why we make health care easier, so life can be improved. Pro-active and result-oriented professional with 20+ years of experience in all aspects of operations development, training, management, and consistent success in accomplishing delivery goals. Laser focus in turning around underperforming operations; clear decision and driving appropriate; and highly leading experienced, cross-functional teams in the design, the leading solutions launching and advance. We come over to you whether you’re on our mobile web site, in the hospital or in a clinic, on the phone or helping you use your health plan to the fullest. In life stages, you can be rest assured that I will meet your health and medical needs through compassionate specialists and owing service. We offer a deep understanding of patient services, including plan review/assessment, regulatory obedience, employee training physician/doctor collaboration and healthcare support on health care systems. Through sturdy business acumen, demonstrate an outstanding track record of delivering results through collaboration, innovative thinking, and teamwork Our Western Region facilities serve a number of rural areas, many are the only inpatient facilities available within the community. CAREER SNAPSHOT
  • I Received “Humanitarian Award” in September 2016 at the Capital Hill.
  • Work collaboratively with HR to interview, hire, train, and monitor staff’s performance.
  • Turned around troubled centers and achieved high levels of patient retention less than a year.
  • Consistently earned high ratings for unyielding commitment and initiatives using extensive knowledge of healthcare regulations, including Title 22, HIPPA and JACOH.
  • We maintained ninety-eight percent patient satisfaction scores consistently for five months.
  • I’m always prepared to exchange thoughts & ideas with like-minded individuals. Please connect with me anytime.
  • Commitment to Making Health Care Cooler, So Life Can Be Improved
  • We are enthusiastic to strengthening our patient care by:
  • Focusing on improving patient outcomes and services
  • Improvement, training of an engaged workforce
  • Innovative technologies uses
  • Facilities and service expansion in order to meet the community needs.
Our Vision We are built to cultivate communities of wellness where every life is lived to its fullest. We are trusted allies in total health, we are creating communities that are among the healthiest in the nation and also collaborating with the people to help them thrive. Our Mission We here to provide chances for growth and changes that promote well-being in our communities and health. Our goal is to recognize areas of weakness and strength, changes in operation, implement company policies, standards, and systems that optimize the productivity and bottom line. Process to improve quality and reliably implementing business solutions and efficiency, and customer satisfaction in healthcare settings. Our Providers We call on the most trusted names in the country to help meet the healthcare needs of the Central population. With the assistance of our reliable professional allies, we are able to encompass our helping hand further and with more skills

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