Conflict resolution &Negative Employee Management

Do you have employee/employees who are frequently disgruntled with their job duties, with the organization, or with management? Negative employees can suck the energy out of your business or your personal life. What is a negative employee?

These are the individuals with poisonous attitudes and behaviours whom negatively influence the people around them while creating a toxic work environment. . Sometimes they spread rumors, gossip about co-workers or bad mouth their superiors to their faces and behind their backs. Generally, they are unhappy people who resist the positive efforts of others. They became even bigger liability as the negative impact of the employee start impacting the culture in many different ways.

Behaviour tends to be the most critical aspect of peoples’ day to day life. No matter how pristine they appear, but if their behaviour doesn’t match with their appearance, nothing else matters. Thus, it becomes highly essential to understand the need and importance of a positive and presentable behaviour at a work place. Coming into appropriate action in this training, we offer highle effective and proven method of managing negative behaviours as well as resolving employee conflicts.

Effective conflict resolution should not be left to a manger who wants to put a “band aid” to the situation hoping that it will go away. We will show the techniques as it relates to collaboration and the art of compromise. Our approach addresses the root cause of the problem along with developing the employees’ interpersonal skills to avoid future problems.

The framework of the Programme
Our negativity management programme works on the following prospective ways:

    • Evaluate the impact of the behaviours within the organization
    • Plan a course of action
    • Proper employee intervention
    • Learn to limit possible Legal problems and facilitate case resolution
    • Effective conflict resolution
    • Boundary setting, holding employee responsible
    • Teach department heads proper follow-up

Our team holds well-skilled confidence to even handle the worst-case situations of an individual’s life. We will do the hard work for you. Our teachings and mentorship programme can help you and your HR department learn to handle toxic or negative employees successfully.