Free Analysis of Executive Stress Test.

The questions are referring to how often you feel the following situations, and are based upon the following score system.


Rarely = 1
Occasionally = 2
Occasionally = 2
Often = 3
Most of the Time = 4
Almost Always = 5

Please use the scoring system to tally up your score at the end of the test, and add it to the score field below.

    1. Are you having sleep difficulties? *

    2. Do you have issues with loss of appetite or eating bad?*

    3. Are you working long hours?*

    4. Are you spending excessive time away from home and family?*

    5. Are you struggling with concentration or poor memory retention?*

    6. Is your performance dipping?*

    7. Are you making uncharacteristic errors or missed deadlines?*

    8. Are you having mood swings, anger or tantrums?*

    9. violent or anti-social behavior?*

    10. Do you display emotional outbursts?*

    11. Are you having problems with alcohol or drug use?*

    12. Are you experiencing nervous habits?*

    13. Do you feel lack of job security?*

    14. Are you bullied or harassed by colleagues/board or higher up?*

    15. Are you dealing with office politics and conflicts among staff?*

    16. Are you feeling overwhelmed?*

    17. Is your anxiety is steadily increasing?*

    18. Do you exercise regularly?*

    19. Do you have a hard time dealing with your feelings (bottled up)?*

    20. Do you feel out of balance?*

    21. Do you look at your cell phone or check your emails constantly?*