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Executive Emotional Consulting/Coaching™ by Simon Casey, Ph.D

Designed for the Health Care World.

The health care and behavioral healthcare world has some similarities to other fields, but there are critical, fundamental differences that must be respected. However, most executive coaching programs completely fail to embrace the unique dynamics, details and nuances that health care executives “live

Intelligent Executive Emotional Coaching™ is a patented, verifiable and results-based approach that dramatically improves the productivity, performance and peace-of-mind of today’s health care executives.

Built on the principles of self-management and conscious self-awareness, Executive Emotional Coaching™ enables health care executives to

What is Emotional Mastery™?
Emotional Mastery™ is an integration of science, psychology and experience that enables you to connect with yourself on a deeper level, and build an emotionally healthy, fulfilling and meaningful life.

Emotional Mastery™ at work
Emotional Mastery™ also excellent for enhancing productivity at work and boosting job satisfaction. In fact, the work place is an ideal environment for implementing Emotional Mastery™ because work often plays a central role in sense of self-worth, confidence level, peace of mind and overall quality of life.

Emotional Mastery™ is unique
The critical factor that sets the Emotional Mastery™ apart from other programs is that it doesn’t merely offer you cognitive training protocols. Rather Emotional Mastery teaches you self-mastery so that you can transform every aspect of your life. In other words; Emotional Mastery™ doesn’t limit itself to the surface of your behaviors, it targets the underlying obstacles, challenges and core problems that keep you trapped, and prevent you from enjoying the better, happier, more fulfilling and more successful life you want-and deserve!

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Emotional Mastery™ was created by its founder, Dr. Simon Casey. He has over 25 years hands-on experience and clinical knowledge and Humanitarian Award Winner for his professional competence and personal compassion. Whether you’re a leader looking for balanced life, and employer looking to boost employee morale and performance at work, or an organization looking to collectively raise corporate culture awareness, Emotional Mastery™ is a ground breaking, result -based, verifiable solution you’ve been searching for. Lean more today, contact us.

Built on the principles of self-management and conscious self-awareness, Executive Emotional Coaching™ enables health care executives to:

  • Become a Transparent Role Model and Leader
  • Establish cohesive positive culture
  • Increase Emotional Self-awareness
  • Challenge core values, beliefs and emotions – Achieve positive behavior change
  • Build Productive and Beneficial Relationships
  • Become More Socially and Emotionally Competent
  • Learn Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Achieve the Elusive “Work-Life” Balance
  • Make Better, Smarter and Effective Decisions

Handling the world of differential challenges in the healthcare and behavioral health-related world, we prepare you for every roadblock of life. Truly understanding the most critical and fundamental needs of this domain, we respect every single need for sustenance. This is why we offer solution focused training and coaching to the professionals coming our way. Our executive coaching programs are designed in accordance with the unique dynamics and detailed needs of success in every domain of life. Our team has the best understanding of the complexity of the healthcare world, and thus, each of our training services is defined keeping in mind the same.

Intelligent emotional program is designed to accelerate leadership competence, confidence, innovation, and management skills that are critical to the delivery of healthcare in the 21st century. This solution-oriented leadership coaching to equip and empower healthcare executives and physician leaders to elevate the organizations to peak performance. Our primary focus is to reveal the road blocks and then provide comprehensive, result oriented solutions that will lead to meaningful transformation and achieve sustainable results for the organization.

Emotional Intelligence plays 36% of the role in the leadership success. The Executive Emotional Coaching™ program has been specially designed for the individual executives, leadership teams, and coaches who are planning to improve their leadership skills so they can work effectively in the office or organization. We begin by building your foundation of emotional intelligence.

With Dr. Simon Casey, Ph.D. Executive Emotional Coaching™ you will get the knowledge, experience, and skills you need to succeed and get rid of the burnout. Our tools and techniques are relevantly beneficial to the challenges of the healthcare executives and overall healthcare organization, as well. Join the league of gaining the best skills, training experience, and knowledge to succeed at the next level without an extra mile to go.
Shake hands with the best world-class professional, Dr. Simon Casey, Ph.D. and conquer your world.